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Welcome to the City of Minot's
Comprehensive Plan
Minot is planning boldly to ensure our great city captures the type of growth and economic development that will lead our community into the future and provide benefits to all our residents.

Check out the Minot Comprehensive Plan Interactive Online Map and take a moment to share your ideas for the future of Minot!

Minot Comprehensive Plan Interactive Online Map

Minot 2040
City Profile
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The City Profile document will highlight a range of existing conditions data that helps to tell the story of Minot’s history and current conditions. This document sets the foundation for Minot in 2040.
Minot 2040
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The Comprehensive Plan will establish a collective community vision for growth and change over the next 20 years. The community vision is created from stakeholder and public input.
Minot 2040
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The Comprehensive Plan will be a living document that is relied upon by city staff and city leaders to make decisions pertaining to development, and many other issues related to development and land use change. The Plan will include specific action steps the City must take to realize it’s vision for 2040.
Minot 2040
Area Planning
The Plan will have a special focus on certain areas that are currently facing development pressure or are expected to experience pressure and change. Examples include Southwest Minot or Downtown.
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